Answering the needs of Patent Attorneys & IP Managers, SmartIP provides framework software for managing the patent, design and trademark application filling process.

The process of providing the best defense for IP has never been an easy task. With so much information and so many documents to manage, rules, guidelines and deadlines to meet, working with traditional filing techniques has many drawbacks, not to mention failures.

SmartIP supports structured work process and easy management of the relevant information together with additional tools to enable the improvement of the work process, save time, overall efficiency and much more. This enables the firm, IP manager to focus on the actual work, streamline the day to day work and tedious paperwork.

Much beyond the management of the patent information with unlimited application management and cross application linking, SmartIP is a multi-lingual framework software that provides the necessary tools for the task such as:

  • IDS management.
  • Contact management.
  • Document management.
  • Customized personal templates, forms.
  • Docketing, reminders management.
  • Billing.
  • Powerful, flexible report generator.
  • Secured, moderated access to information.
  • And many more.

Using advanced technologies from Microsoft and Business Objects, SmartIP provides the customer a user friendly, powerful framework that meets the needs of both small and large firms, companies.

Contact Management

Flexible management of contacts with many details, information available and accompanying actions and audit log to track all changes made, by whom and when.

Document Management

Document management allows you to group all relevant documents, regardless of type, in one place.

From the given application management all types of documents can be managed. User friendly interface allows the creation of new documents based on pre-existing templates or collection of existing documents, document editing, etc.

Personal Templates

All documents generated through the system are produced using customizable templates. That means you have control over how the final document would look like and the information contained in it. Your name, contact details, logo can be placed on the document where you want them, including data from the actual application such as reference number title, dates, etc. thus saving much time and avoiding typos.

Furthermore, using standard MS-Office templates, new forms and document types can be created, added and/or modified by the customer at any time.

Docketing, reminders management

SmartIP has a built-in engine that is based on powerful and customizable rules that enables the creation of tasks, reminders for employees.

Rules can be based on standard dates such as entry date, filing date or any other date field and can include any number of tasks that can be pre-assigned to an employee (and save much management time).

Different deadlines specific to any given country, file type can also be specified.

On the other hand the rule engine also enables to create rule sets based on manual selection when the date is unknown beforehand, such as “Respond to Office Action” or manual action specific to a given file.

This module makes sure you never miss a deadline, never forget to call some, etc.


Integrated billing allows the automatic creation of Debit Notes, Receipts & Invoices filled with information from the relevant application, dockets and with supporting reports such as Aging, to get a clear picture of debt balance, etc.

Report generator

SmartIP is supplied with many useful and important reports. However, as your reporting needs change over time, SmartIP report module allows the addition of external, custom made external reports.

Secured access

Managing confidential information has always been an issue. SmartIP stands up to the challenge by providing a powerful, configurable security module which provides the ability to control over which user has access to which feature.

SmartIP is packed with features and capabilities and allows the addition of modules and customization of modules to tailor the end product to your needs.


For further detail please contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a presentation.